Wyborowa Lemon Flavoured Vodka


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Genuine Polish vodka created in 1927 based on over 500 years of Polish Vodka craftsmanship. Imported from Poland – the home of vodka. Distributed in more than 70 countries. Wyborowa is the #1 Polish Vodka in Poland.

It was in 1930 in Liege when Wybo got the first international award. Since then we have been awarded over 30 prestigious awards from around the world, including Gold Medals from the International Spirits Challenge in 2015 and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2014.

The Pure Rye Grain combined with our traditional distillation technique, perfected for close to a century, and pristine water from our own well gives Wybo its exceptional smootheness. Wyborowa has a grainy, fruity and slightly flowery notes and a long, exceptionally smooth finish. Wybo is GMO free and Kosher certified.

In creating Wyborowa we collaborate with local agricultural distilleries where passionate people use time-honored methods to create raw spirit from pure rye grain. The grain is steamed, fermented and distilled. Then the spirit is transported to the rectification plant where it goes through a multi-column rectification – this is a process that purifies the spirit, cleans impurities and adds final character to the product.

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