Tan Dowr Vodka


Bottle Size 70cl
Alcohol 40%
Style Vodka
Bottler Tan Dowr
Country Cornwall, England
Tan Dowr with its salty tang on the tongue is a taste of the wild sea and Cornwall's blazing spirit.

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Tan Dowr are passionate about portraying their Cornish heritage through their Vodka. With some of the best produce in the world on offer they knew they wanted a flavour that spoke of their County.

With this in mind they have chosen to use the very best Cornish Sea Salt for their Vodka. They believe this flavour allows the Vodka to be enjoyed at its best. No ingredient in the world has been used more than salt to enhance flavour, making it the perfect accompaniment to any drink or cocktail.

Tan Dowr is the direct Cornish Translation of the term ‘Fire Water’ and it was originally coined by the Native Americans. After trading animal pelts for alcohol, their way of testing its potency was pouring a small amount onto a fire. If the fire grew, then they knew it had not been watered down. Hence forth the term ‘Fire Water’ meant a high quality, strong spirit and we knew this befitted our brand perfectly.


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