SteamPunk Extremely Rare Gin 20cl


Bottle Size 20cl.
Alcohol 40% ABV.
Distiller Steampunk Inc.
Bottler M. J. Dowdeswell & Co.
Country England.

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In 1892, Sir Raleigh Holmes-Dunston developed a gin recipe which appealed to the highest echelons of polite society.  Smooth on the palate, with juniper, cardomom and citrus melting together in perfect harmony, this gin was a sensation! Gin Palaces all across England vied to get their hands on the precious liquid.

Without obfustication, prevarication, disambiguation or disengenuous adjectives, we present the resurrection of this famous tipple in the form of Steam Punk Gin so you too can enjoy the wonderful taste of Sir Raleigh’s invention.

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