Mombasa Club Gin


Bottle Size 70cl
Alcohol 41.5% ABV
Style London Dry Gin
Bottler Mombasa
Distillery Mombasa
Country England
Storage Advice Best stored in a cool, dry place
Closure Cork
The Perfect Serve Serve with a dash of tonic water
Service Temperature Room Temperature
When to Drink Special gathering with friends and family
Food Pairing Dried Fruit and Steak
Colour/Appearance Clear
Nose Strong citrus aromas alongside some pleasant spice
The main flavour comes from the juniper, angelica and coriander seeds, with strong notes pine and pepper as well as a slight nuttiness
Finish Long and dry

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The original Mombasa Club gin was first produced in the 19th century and was exclusively for the members of the legendary private social club located in the coastal city of Mombasa – the place where the bustle of modern civilisation is deeply immersed in the magic and mystery of the exotic African world.

Inspired by the African heritage, Mombasa Club today is a small-batch London Dry gin produced from the finest hand-selected botanicals and is a fitting tribute to the art and traditions of gin making. More than 50 recipes were tried and discarded until the perfect London dry gin was born.

Mombasa Club is a classically juniper-forward gin with a citrus and herbal finish and is perfect for aperitif cocktails and mixed drinks. On the nose, it unveils the subtlety of the most exotic botanic spices: Angelica root, Cassia bark, Coriander seed with a notable, long-lasting background of Juniper berries.

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