Mamont Vodka & Glass


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In 2001, after surviving an emergency landing, a group of 12 explorers found themselves trapped near the South Pole.

While waiting for a rescue team, the arctic adventurers began warming themselves up with vodka and planning their next expedition: the discovery of the Great Mammoth in Siberia.

They couldn’t believe their luck when in 2002 an original mammoth tusk was discovered peeking out from the melting ice of the frozen tundra in Siberia.

Hearing about this breakthrough, one of the 12 explorers organized for a team of scientists to go to the site.

Remarkably, the layers of ice revealed a whole mammoth.

To honor this wonderful adventure and the heritage found in Siberia, one of the 12 explorers brought Mamont Vodka to life in the shape of a mammoth tusk.

The most elegant vodka from Siberia, infused with the spirit of adventure, celebrates polar exploration and the epic moments in life.

Includes a cute signature Mamont Vodka shot glass

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