Malecon 12 Year Old Reserva Superior Rum


ABV 40%
Size 70cl
Age 12 years
Country Panama
Tasting Notes Nose
Expect: Caramel, Vanilla & Apple
Elegant, beautiful and bright, this round and full bodied rum sustains a lengthy mouthful. Warm and rich right to the finish.
Aromatic orange peel, cinnamon, buttercream, and ripe apricots.

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Established in 2000 by a leading Italian family spirits business Rum Malecon is produced in Panama from molasses using a traditional Cuban method. After being distilled in Column Stills it is aged in oak barrels.

Their multi award-winning range encompasses:

Lighter, fresher Rums ideal for cocktails and appreciated by consumers with a less mature palate;

Aged Rums suited for those who can appreciate all the various nuances of the distillate;

Aged Rums understood and appreciated by consumers who are seeking exclusivity and rarity.

All Rum Malecon products are beautifully showcased in high-quality presentation boxes, making them ideal for gifting.