Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger with Ginger Ale Can RTD – 4 Pack


Pack Size 25cl x 4
Alcohol 5%
Style Ready Mixed
Already mixed with Ginger ale - ready to drink.
Company Edinburgh Gin
Country Scotland
Rhubarb then ginger with a hint of lemon zest.
First the rhubarb comes through, sweet and acidic, followed by the ginger which is strong and spicy.
Sweet and well balanced to finish with lingering hints of ginger.

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Created by macerating spring-crop rhubarb and Oriental ginger and infusing it with our classic Edinburgh Gin, this sweet, fruity liqueur is balanced by a delicate warmth and spicy finish. Enjoy it perfectly mixed with this fiery, aromatic ginger ale.

The new ready-to-drink cans are designed to provide a refreshing and convenient way for consumers to enjoy Edinburgh Gin either at home or in out-of-home settings, including picnics, festivals, and barbecues.

So why not take a 4-pack and share?