Diplomático Distillery Collection No. 3 Pot Still Rum


Bottle Size 70cl
This is part of the limited-edition Distillery Collection, which gives each of Diplomático's distillates a chance to individually shine Here we have the third rum in Diplomatico's Distillery Collection, made using sugar cane honey.
No. of Bottles 5000
A tipple with a distinctly unique personality, only 5,000 bottles were released.
Alcohol 47%
Country Venezuala
The Diplomatico brand hails from Venezuela, more exactly from DUSA (Destillerias Unidas S.A.) which is also involved in the production of a couple other brands due to a contractual agreement with Diageo, the most well known probably being Pampero. DUSA was established in 1959 – Licoreas Unidas S.A. (LUSA) at the time. DUSA has an amalgam of different stills including a Batch Kettle still that is unique in rum production and two copper pot stills each with two retorts attached.
Rum Diplomatico
Diplomatico rums are made from sugarcane grown locally. They use two types of molasses, one of them being grade A molasses, also called sugarcane honey used for the heavier rums in the blend – basically molasses with a higher sugar content resulted from the inefficient extraction of the sugar from the sugarcane. Also a grade C molasses (with less sugar content) that is used for the production of the lighter rums.
Distilled in June 2010 in the historical copper pot still that first arrived at the distillery in 1959, this rum was then matured in American white oak barrels. This discontinuous distillation system was originally used in Scotland to produce whisky.
Tasting Notes Nose
Combines tropical fruit aromas with toffee and vanilla.
Rich oak notes alongside dark chocolate and dried fruits.
Rich, lingering finish full of warm spices.

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This rum is double-distilled in 6,500 litre pot stills originally used to make Scotch whisky but adapted for rum. It’s distilled on its lees (like Cognac), and comes off the still at 80%.

New make: Dark cherries, full body, fruity and floral.
Finished product: It’s reduced to 55% for cask ageing and spends eight years in oak. There’s a big meaty nose with maraschino cherries, it’s very full with notes of chocolate and coffee. Intense and complex, this is one that will appeal to Speyside whisky lovers.

This is part of the limited-edition Distillery Collection, which gives each of Diplomático’s distillates a chance to individually shine.


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