Cloven Hoof Raise the Hoof Spiced Rum with Over Hoof


Over Hoof: 50cl, Raise the Hoof: 5cl
Over hoof: 66.6% ABV, Raise the Hoof: 37.% ABV
Style Rum
Bottler Cloven Hoof
Country England
Storage advice
Store in a cool dry place
Closure Screwcap
Perfect Serve
Serve on the rocks or taste its perfection when drinking it neat. However, it is always good in cocktails to give it a good kick.
Service temperature 1-4°C
Food pairing
Perfectly paired with seafood such as prawns or fish and raw fish preparations such as ceviche.
When to drink
Enjoy with dinner in a cocktail or drink during a special occasion with friends.
A dark Brown complexion with golden brown highlights
Plant blend
A blend of spices such as cassia, anise, and clove
A light clove smell with a touch of cinnamon
A lingering, warm aftertaste of caramelised sugar with an initial kick of spice.

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A dark, spiced red rum with the kick of a beast from the underworld, this unique tasting drink is a blend of rum made from the famous wooden pot still at the Diamond Distillery in Guyana where it is part aged in bourbon casks and caramelised, and then blended with a lighter column still rum from Trinidad. This guilty libation is imported into the UK and then devilishly infused with a mysterious concoction of natural spices, including cloves, star anise and cassia bark.

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Weight 4 kg