Boe Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueur


Bottle Size 50cl
Alcohol 20% ABV
Style Gin Liqueur
Bottler Boe
Distillery Boe
Country Scotland
Storage Advice Best stored in a cool, dry place
Closure Screw-top
The Perfect Serve Enjoy with Champagne/Prosecco or part of a cocktail
Service Temperature Room Temperature
When to Drink Special gathering with friends and family
Food Pairing Peaches and Cream
Colour/Appearance Red
The combination of tanginess and berry rich flavours of Hibiscus with fresh peaches to give a delightful fruity and flowery aroma
A versatile and flavour-packed gin liqueur with notes of tangy Hibiscus and fresh peaches to give a spectacular taste

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Lovingly created in small batches using award-winning Boe Supeior Gin. The tanginess and berry-rich flavour of hibiscus combines perfectly with fresh peaches, to give a delightful fruity and flowery aroma and taste.


Enjoy with Champagne or Prosecco, in cocktails, with soda or lemonade or simply over ice.

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