Antica Sambuca Classic Liqueur


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A classic Italian Sambuca from award winning Rossi D’Asiago, Distillers since 1868.

Antica Sambuca® is a sweet and natural spirit obtained from the distillation of the infusion of anise star fruits and other herbs in alcohol.

The high quality of Antica Sambuca® is determined by the combination of outstanding ingredients and production techniques that follow meticulous artisanal processes. Its main ingredients are: stars anise fruits and mixture of herbs and spices, alcohol, water and sugar. The key ingredient is the anise stars fruits, whose seeds are rich in anethole oil, extracted through a process of steam distillation to give sambuca its distinctive flavour. Many other spices are used to get the anise distillate such as wormwood, cinnamon, fennel, white pepper, iris, bitter orange, sweet orange, coriander and Turkish rose.

Produced using quality ingredients. An infusion of anise stars is steam distilled to create the anise distillate at the distilery situated between the Dolomites mountain range and the historic island of Venice.

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